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Road Ripper 2000™

Increase Your Street Racing Credentials with a Road Ripper 2000

Legal street racing is a popular sport and people from all over the Madison and Green Bay areas line up to watch muscle cars and sports cars compete to see who has the fastest set of wheels. If you have a race car, then you probably focus on upgrading all the parts to max out the performance and maintain a competitive streak. With the Road Ripper 2000 transmission, you can improve the performance of your vehicle by using a transmission that's designed to help you increase torque and shift seamlessly when changing gears.

How It Works

The Road Ripper 2000 is made from heavy duty parts designed to provide optimal performance. You won't feel slow shifts with this transmission and the bands and clutches are designed to handle high energy. The one thing you need, a burst of torque, is possible with this transmission. Designed to boost the charge so that you get maximum torque, you can leave other racers behind when you upgrade your current transmission to one designed specifically to help street racers gain an edge.

Great for Towing Purposes

While the Road Ripper 2000 is great for street racers, it's also great for those who tow. You can tow up to 10,000lbs. with a trailer on this transmission, so it's a great upgrade from most factory stocked transmissions. With this transmission, you can easily tow equipment, trailer loads of furniture, or anything else you may need to tow on a regular basis. Call Trans Works Transmission today to find out about installing a new transmission to increase the performance of your car. We service cars and trucks in Wisconsin and surrounding areas with professional, experienced transmission services. Call us today for your appointment!


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