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Road Ripper 1000™

Are you tired of your factory transmission? With the Road Ripper 1000, you can improve over the factory stocked. No more sluggish shifting, no more worrying that high torque will damage your car, and no more slippage of your clutch during shift changes. The Road Ripper 1000 is meant to take your car to the next level without being too high- powered for the average driver.

Design and Utilization

This transmission is designed with new parts to insure durability and strength. It's meant to operate with high pressure to help your vehicle perform better than before. It will boost the charge and retain power when you shift so that you don't lose the pull you need when towing or the push you need when trying to operate attached plows or other equipment. While the Road Ripper 1000 isn't the most powerful of the brand, it's perfect for someone looking for an upgrade from the factory installed transmission but who doesn't want something too powerful.

Scheduling an Installation

You can call Trans Works Transmissions and schedule an appointment for a new transmission installation. We work on cars and trucks from all over the area throughout Wisconsin. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to upgrade your vehicle from the factory transmission to something with more power and more edge. We know that once you experience what the Road Ripper line of transmissions does for your vehicle performance, you'll never go back to the standard transmission again.


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